Balogh-Szatmári Ranch

Welcome to our private Ranch where our guests enjoy family-style hospitality. We do everything to ensure you experience a tranquil and relaxing stay, and leave recharged with pleasant memories. We also live on the property, making us readily available to promptly assist with any questions and queries. We are friendly and open people who enjoy conversations with our guests while fully respecting their privacy.


Contact persons, owners of the property: Mr József Balogh (Tel: +3620-977-8624, email: and Mrs. Rozsika Balogh (Tel: +3620-621-2815, email:

We are generally present upon the arrival and departure of our guests to personally hand and take over the house and its keys. Should that not be the case we will leave detailed instructions for you.

Check-in is between 2pm and 6pm, check-out is between 8am and 10am. We are usually able to accommodate requests outside these timeframes, however this is strictly subject to prior communication and agreement. Please indicate such requests at the time of booking. Please provide cell phone contact information upon booking so we can contact you also if needed.

In case of departure prior to the end of your booking, booking fees cannot be refunded.

No unregistered guests or visitors are allowed on the property. Only the number and actual guests indicated in the booking are allowed to stay, which can be inspected by the hosts without prior notification. The maximum property capacity is 6 people. Children under age 2 are welcome based on prior approval, and their stay is free.


Upon their arrival guests are required to fill out the registration form in clearly legible English or Hungarian. In line with regulatory requirements, information provided on the registration form shall be validated by the hosts based on the guests’ personal identification documents, and recorded in the My guest (My Guests) official online system.

Upon their arrival guests are required to present their personal identification documents to enable the hosts to comply with their data supply obligations to national authorities regarding the guests’ stay.

We are familiar with applicable data processing laws regarding guests, including the rights and obligations of guests and hosts with respect to such data processing.

Information regarding data supply requirements can be found on the following official website:

We do everything on our end to ensure the safety of your personal data and will not communicate to anyone other than the required authorities!

 Guests shall provide a billing address required to issue the invoice.

Due to the house’s location outside the city administrative borders, the house enjoys tax immunity from local Tourist Tax.


We ask our guests to use the furniture and equipment in and around the house in accordance with their intended purpose, and to preserve their condition. Guests and children may use the playground and play equipment, as well as other outdoor wellness and cooking equipment at their own risk, owners are not liable for damages and injuries caused as a result of such usage.

Furniture and other accessories such as towels, blankets, pillows, sheets etc. shall not be taken out from the house. Furniture inside the house shall not be moved and rearranged.

We are not able to welcome pets at our guesthouse, thank you for understanding.

Upon their arrival guests shall take over the furnishings of the house. Upon the departure of our guests we inspect the house and its rooms, and any damage caused shall be settled at that time.

Please report any breakage or failure to us immediately, retrospective complaints cannot be accommodated.

Please do not change the TV settings!

Children may stay in the house and the garden under the supervision of their parents or an adult, at their risk. Guardians of the children shall be liable for the children’s safety and any damages caused by them.

Please be aware of dangers posed in the woods (such as falling branches, tripping, nettle, bugs). In the woods near the hosts’ living quarters there is a small lake, cc. 0.5-1.8 meters deep. Children shall visit the lake strictly with an accompanying adult! Please do not throw anything into the lake!

Please be aware of ticks. We strongly recommend examining children and adults at the end of each day.

Upon prior request we can provide a baby cot and highchair.

When leaving the house, please always lock the house and take the key with you. Lost or stolen house keys must be immediately reported. And HUF 40.000 lock replacement charge will be added for lost or stolen keys.

There is a security vault in the house and we recommend using it for storing valuables and documents. Owners are not liable for valuables left in the house or placed in the security vault.

Please keep the front door and the mosquito net closed at all times to prevent flies, mosquitos, bugs and small rodents from entering the house.

Please leave outdoor shoes next to the front door by the dining table, and use slippers inside the house.

WiFi is provided free of charge throughout the house, no password is required.

Please use bath towels in the sauna at all times, and do not forget to turn it off after using it. Please do not put wet towels on the furniture, use the drying racks.

No loud noises, playing or listening to loud music between 10pm and 8am. During all hours please behave in a respectful manner, keeping any noise to a minimum to maintain the tranquility of the surroundings.


During stays less than a week long cleaning is provided only upon request. Please indicate your need for cleaning one day in advance. Cleaning fee is HUF 5.000. In case of stays longer than a week the booking fee includes a full cleaning and change of sheets at the end of each week. We can provide laundry service at a HUF 5.000 charge per load. You are free to use the washer provided in the unit.


We kindly request your heightened awareness regarding energy usage, and that you use each energy type only to the extent necessary.

Please turn the AC off when leaving the house, and the lights when leaving the house or at night time. The AC should only be used with the front door and windows closed.

In cold weather guests may request wood for the fireplace for a charge of HUF 3.000 per occasion. Upon your request we are happy to show how to operate the fireplace, but please do not try to start it and use it without letting us know. When there is fire in the fireplace the hood above the stove must be turned off otherwise it sucks the smoke out of the fireplace.


Please only eat in the kitchen, dining area and on the terrace. No food shall be taken to the living room and into the bedrooms.

Do not put metal objects in the microwave!

Do not put or pour any objects or materials into the sink that may clog the drain!

Do not put anything (sanitary pads, tissues, wet wipes) except toilet paper in the toilet!

Guests are welcome to collect firewood in the forest for the BBQ, which is free up to 10 kg.

Please collect garbage selectively and take them outside into the big bins (green (compost), garbage, plastic, paper, glass) which are emptied regularly. Please put plastic bottles and beer cans into bins after emptying and pressing them.


Smoking and using any open fire inside the building is strictly FORBIDDEN! Smoking is allowed outside at the designated location.

In case the smoke or the carbon-monoxide alarm goes off please call us immediately!


Most parking spots near the city spa are not free but there are certain areas where parking is free. Upon request we are happy to provide information on easy parking, as well as on restaurants, things to do in the area, current programs and events, shopping and other local topics.


Our guests may use the bicycles free of charge. After using the bikes please leave them at the bike storage area.

Transfer services by Király Taxi, +3630-9358831,

Doctor on call / emergency clinic can be reached 24/7 on the following number: +3652-362-618. General help lines: Ambulance 104, Police 107, Fire Department 105. Ask us about the pharmacy on call during a given night.

Please kindly leave your comments in our guest book at the end of your stay! We greatly appreciate positive feedback, and would also like to hear your critical observations to help us improve our services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, requests and issues, we are available 24 hours a day.

Guests acknowledge and accept the House Rules by making their booking.

Thank you for choosing us! We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay!

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